Valet Parking Systems

The Valet Automation System has been developed to increase productivity and the effectiveness of the control mechanism, and consequently, to enhance the quality of services rendered at the points of service, taking in to account the valet operations carried out by various sub-companies at the airports. The system will offer added value, and furthermore the operational work flows, which are carefully monitored, has been brought to a more effective level through automation, and the performance values can be tracked.


Therefore, it is fully integrated with the cash register, EFT-POS, accounting and reporting systems. While the vehicle acceptance and delivery operations are carried out in a fast and accurate manner through the hand terminals integrated with the system, the customers who will receive their vehicles shall be informed about the state of their vehicles through the Valet Display Screens.

The Valet Parking Lot System aims at ensuring that the vale services given at the airports are fully automated. Accordingly, the system is integrated in the work flow as of the receipt of the vehicle by the valet, at the first point of contact with the customer. After the delivery of the vehicle, information about the customer and the vehicle will be entered in the system together with the other information in the contract form issued, the vehicle shall be parked at a suitable location in the parking lot, planned previously, and the information on the point parked and the employee parking the vehicle shall be entered in the system. If there are any additional services required by the customer (vehicle washing, implementation), such services are rendered at the date/time determined on the (estimate) departure dates, and again registered in the system. At the stage the customer has reached to receive the vehicle, s/he is directed to the point of payment. At the payment point, after the parking lot charges, fixed service charges, and the additional service charges (if any) are calculated by the system automatically based on the price descriptions entered in the system previously, the amount to be collected shall be notified to the customer. The customer chooses one of the payment systems defined in the system and makes the payment.  After the completion of the collection, the invoice or the bill generated by the system is handed to the customer.  At the time of collection, if the payment is made by credit card, a discount is offered based on the type of card through POS integration, and thus collection will be possible without the need for repetitive data entry. Following the collection and invoicing, the customer is directed to vehicle delivery and the vehicle is delivered. Optionally, all transactions effected can be transferred automatically to the accounting system through the accounting integration. Additionally, the necessary report components and the movements in the system are monitored accurately and completely.