VIP & CIP Reservation Suite

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All details are considered and carried out for the comfort of customers and personnel...

VIP/CIP services aim to meet the boutique service expectations and provide the highest level of comfort at a global standard. The service quality needs to be designed and implemented flawlessly in order to serve discerning travelers who value comfortable, stress-free and timely service.

The VIP/CIP Operation and Reservation Suite is a complete solution packet which provides an airport with all the necessary functions for managing service operations. This packet ensures the use of all the advantages available through the internet and intranet in accordance with well defined workflows. Service procedures are systematically optimized and potential service problems are targeted to be minimized.

Service through Different Channels

Customers can make reservations for distinguished VIP/CIP services through the internet, over the phone or by e-mail. These reservations are evaluated by sales operators and may be subject to special discounts. Once all the approval stages are completed the service operations planning process begins. The service operators appoint the appropriate hosts/hostesses and equipment according to the service and passenger requirements. The pricing engine is one of the advantages of the suite, delivering the lowest price possible designated by the requested service packet campaigns, group discounts and corporate client agreements.

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Another important achievement is the service based operation work engine. Work engine packets or divided reservation services are provided for passenger groups in increments set by the operational rules. Thus, easy planning and efficient queuing opportunities are made available to the service planning operators.

Double Controlled Accounting Function for Event-free Cases

The VIP/CIP Operation and Reservation suite also provides accounting functions as well as the reservation and services operational functions. After all the services are completed, invoice forms are created and the reporting is finalized even if there are no events. Once the service quality has been met and the double controls are completed for payments, the approval process begins prior to integrating with the ERP system/corporate billing system. The reporting capabilities of the program provide decision support and surveillance opportunities for management. Different standard format sector reports such as html, doc, pdf, and xls are created for sales, service operations and other requirements.

Always Secure and Dependable

System security is also designed very well. In order to ensure secure applications, essential features such as online credit card payments and authentication are carried out over secure SSL. Authorization for managerial functions within a company is distributed on a multiple role basis. The dynamically created system interface authorizes system operators according to the user privileges.

The solution packet has been designed to allow service managers to manage multiple airports from a single point. All employees are responsible for the realization of services at their own airport, however certain users can be given the privilege to view and manage other airports as well.

As a result all essential features, reservation and operation processes’ life cycles are comprehensively represented in the VIP/CIP Suite. Also, due to the communication advantages, both customers and operators are informed regarding the mentioned cycles by e-mail.