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    TAV IT Slot Coordination and Management System (SCMS)

    TAV Bilişim Slot Koordinasyonu ve Yönetim Sistemi

    A Slot Management System To Utilize Your Capacity Effectively

    TAV IT SCMS is designed to meet the capacity management requirements of airport slot coordinators. It is an efficient, comprehensive and user-friendly system that allows coordinators to manage, monitor and optimize airport resources in full compliance with IATA standards.

    TAV IT SCMS offers remarkable efficiency in capacity management and the best possible performance in slot coordination. TAV IT SCMS is built on vast experiences in numerous airports, which ensures that it addresses the real operational needs of slot coordinators. Thus, TAV IT SCMS proves to be a highly reliable and functional system.

    TAV IT SCMS includes two modules to cover all necessary slot coordination functionalities and facilitate accurate allocation decisions:

    • Capacity Management module provides a user-friendly, Gantt Chart based graphical display of airport resources which allows slot coordinators to have full view of the available capacity. In addition, the module has optimization feature that maximizes the utilization of resources.
    • Slot Coordination module presents detailed slot records in tabular format, which guarantees efficiency in managing and monitoring historic, current and future allocations.

    Tav It Scms Key Features And Benefits

    • Increased capacity across all available airport resources
    • Makes it easy to detect bottlenecks and helps problem solving and decision making effectively
    • Evaluates slot allocation alternatives based on resource availability and a predefined rule set, then offers the best solution by using Advanced Optimization Modeling Algorithm
    • Expedites messaging process through improved communication with airlines
    • Presents notifications, enabling the slot coordinator to take proactive or corrective actions
    • Easy to use graphical display for improved capacity allocation
    • Efficient management of airport capacity
    • Enables airlines to alternate among online access to the system, Type-B and email messaging
    • Detects and displays inconsistencies in flight plans
    • Real-time impact assessment for changes in each factor on slot allocation
    • Effective handling of historic rights
    • Batch file-upload option offered to both airlines and airports enables handling of large number of requests
    • Multiple windows simultaneously display updated notifications and warnings
    • Extensive statistical reporting
    • Integration options with other airport systems, including AODB
    • Advanced authentication and authorization management

    • How Can Tav It Scms Help You?

      Slot coordination is the key to effective and efficient airport management. Ever increasing demand for air transportation necessitates optimal utilization of airport infrastructure. Primarily responsible from making the most of these limited resources are slot coordinators and it can only be achieved by using a powerful tool to manage, monitor and optimize the airport capacity.

      TAV IT SCMS, with its Capacity Management and Slot Coordination modules, makes online coordination possible between slot coordinators and airlines, as well as Type-B and email messaging. Slot coordinators can make better assessments and decisions that lead to optimal outcomes using TAV IT SCMS, which equip them with substantially improved capacity management, monitoring and optimization capability. Each airport might have a different bottleneck depending on resource availability and flight demands. TAV IT SCMS allows slot coordinators to pinpoint bottlenecks and to develop effective solutions.

      TAV IT SCMS introduces an unprecedented and realistic approach to slot management in that it provides exceptional resource displays, enhanced with capacity optimization capability. TAV IT SCMS is the reliable and powerful solution to address real capacity management requirements of slot coordinators.

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