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    One of Us-Pürşenk Aras

    Pürşenk Aras

    Deputy Manager / Software Development - TAV Information Technologies

    1-Can you briefly describe yourself and the meaning of your name? Who is Pürşenk Aras?

    Pürşenk means very cheerful. Pür means (very much) and şen means (cheerful). I am not sure about the 'k' at the end. It is difficult to pronounce it therefore; I often end up spelling my name, particularly over the phone. As far as I know there is one more person in Turkey with the same name. When I was training the software team at General Directorate of Social Security Institution, the first thing the team I was tutoring did was to look up whether they had another Pürşenk in their data base. That's how I know it.

    As per myself; I was born in Van in 1980 and graduated from Çankaya Milli Piyango Anatolian High School in 1998. Same year, I was accepted to the Computer Engineering at Dokuz Eylül University where I graduated from in 2002. I have been working in the IT sector for the past 12 years.

    During my career, I have so far worked in companies operating in different sectors, including Bilginç IT Academy, Omsan Logistics, Petrol Office and Yapı Kredi Bank. I was a technical trainer and consultant in corporate Java, Oracle technologies at Bilginç IT Academy.

    I like traveling, climbing and all other sports.

    2-When did you join TAV Information Technologies Family? Which position do you occupy?

    I joined TAV Information Technologies Family in 2011. I started out as the "Senior Developer" then I progressed with the project management positions. I have been working as the "Software Development Deputy Manager” for the last 1.5 years.

    3-Can you briefly describe us your job? What kind of contribution do you make to TAV Information Technologies?

    I manage a team of approximately 10 people who are responsible for the development of aviation applications under TAV Information Technologies. I am also responsible for the applications that my team develops; therefore I assist the team where they need technical support.

    Besides the management aspect, I also support my team in areas such as the review of the tender specifications, creating opportunities to add new products to TAV Information Technologies product range, operation of the existing products and services.

    4- Would you like to add anything?

    We work as very dynamic and young IT Infrastructure Company, which is able to adapt to different circumstances quickly. Aviation is a challenging sector; there are firms in this sector, who are well established and recognized. We have managed to stand out amongst these firms and continue providing service in the software and hardware areas in the global aviation sector by developing applications that offer solid solutions in all areas. We are proud to be providing service to 20 companies at 22 airports in 3 continents, as a Turkish brand.

    Another point I would like to highlight are our PR and marketing communication activities that we carry out as TAV Information Technologies. I am very happy to see that these activities, which serve both the external customers and internal customers on behalf of the employees, not only promote our products and services but create a platform; especially at fairs we participate in, where we are recognized and respected by our competitors. I believe that all these developments and management of perception are indications that we are progressing in the right direction and will continue growing.

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