ERP Systems Integration


TAV Technologies ERP team also provides consulting and systems integration services, especially between aviation and airport operations special systems.

With its in-depth expertise, our team is mostly involved in restructuring customer processes before design and development of the integration structure.

Integration through systems;

  • Increases the flexibility and extends the functionality of e-business applications
  • Consolidates data and information creating efficiency and robust reporting capabilities
  • Increases transparency of and access to data and information
  • Enables organizations to become data-driven when making strategic business decisions

Our major integration projects in Turkey & abroad are as follows;

  • Integration with aviation systems
    (AODB –> ERP, ERP –> AODB)
  • Integration with other operational systems including ticketing, car park services, primeclass and cargo services.
  • Cash Management automation solutions including daily bank statement integration with dozens of banks in Turkey and abroad (Garanti Bank Integration, Tunisia-UIB Integration, Macedonia Halk Bank Integration).