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    Someday, everyone will take 'selfies', including the super heroes!
    Marvel characters joined the latest 'selfie' craze. The Brazilian designer Butcher Billy created the 'selfie' shots of the Marvel characters giving iPhones to their hands.
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    Interactive Map from the Couple!
    Couple is a new messaging application developed for couples which features the most popular love messages with live data.
    With this new feature, the application is able to show all users' instant messaging on the map.
    To see the messaging zones of the couples through the map center, visit
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    Transforming the 3D Printer into a Tattoo Machine...
    One of the projects developed during the workshop held by the French Ministry of Culture towards the end of last year was Appropriate Audiences' 3D Printer X Tattoo Machine". The design students modified a desktop MakerBot 3D printer so that it can draw patterns on leather using a tattoo technique.
    If the machine, which is currently in the process of development, goes into production, robot tattoo artists will be a trend of the future which brings in mind the question whether the tattoo art profession will be history.
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    Payment System with Wearable Technology
    The recent stage that Australia Heritage Bank came in the payment systems is the integration of Visa payWave to wearable technology.
    The promotional film of the suit that they produced in collaboration with the men's clothing brand MJ Bale, explains the system briefly by saying "Did you see the famous people like Clooney, Gates and Obama making payments? You can too join them". You can now make payments for every day purchases with your credit card by integrating the Visa payWave chip to your suit. Payments can be followed through via cell phone.
    Until now, 12 prototype suits were produced, all of which were sold on EBay for 510 AUR and the income was donated to charity. With suits, you can make purchases up to 100 Australian Dollars (approx. 200 TL).
    Source: Campaign Brief

    Thanks to The Swedish bioID company Quixter, it is now possible to use palm scanning technology during purchasing transactions.
    Quixter developed a system that makes it possible to make payments by using hands without having to carry wallet or cash on you. With palm scanning technology, the person enters his/her ıd code during payment before the ID is verified through scanning of the palm. Payments are then invoiced and withdrawn once every two months from the debt balance.
    Palm scanning technology is already being used in the security processes of large transactions made at ATMs in countries like Japan. However, Quixter showed that the technology can also be used for purchasing transactions besides being used as part of such security scan.
    Source: Campaign Brief

    A New Vehicle Sharing Platform!
    Mobicar is a vehicle sharing platform targeting transportation requirements. That is why they built the vehicle parks to places close to main public transport stations. Mobicar is an ideal platform offering solutions for your transportation needs including short-term vehicle rental. For example you can use Mobicars to travel between two points on one side of the Bosporus after you crossed the strait by ferry to avoid the traffic, or drive to a less central location after you travel on Metrobus to go to a central station.
    One of the goals of Mobicar is to be integrated into the smart city transportation systems managed by municipalities. Once this is in place, you will be able to use your regular travel card (Istanbul Card for example) to enter into Mobicars, which will no doubt prove to be a complimentary implementation rather than an alternative to public transportation.
    Source: webrazzi

    Search with speed icons on Yelp's mobile application
    The on-line city guide Yelp, which also features reviews on places added a new environmental friendly feature under its search menu of the mobile application.
    Yelp users will now be able to use the relevant speed icon about the search they want to do instead of having to write it down. For example, you will simply use the flower icon when searching for a florist.
    Twitter's mobile application where icons are also frequently used has recently incorporated icons to its website too.
    Source: thenextweb

    Evolution of application for Devices
    Amazon Dash is an order logger which can read bar codes, accepts audio commands and run through Wi-Fi. With this device, which Amazon developed for Amazon Fresh store, you can scan the bar code of any product or read the product name to the microphone throughout the day. You can then check your shopping list on your smart device or computer to approve it. Amazon Dash is a digital version of the shopping list on your refrigerator.

    China, a country which cannot give up Windows XP, bans Microsoft's new generation operating system Windows 8.
    After becoming available for users, Windows 8 is now used by more people every day. In order to expand the usage of Windows 8, Microsoft decides to reduce the use of its older operating systems. However, Chinese people who are reluctant to give up Windows XP seem to ignore Microsoft. The Chinese government banned the use of Windows 8 and decided not to use Windows 8 in public offices. The decision was taken on the grounds that the Chinese government wants to prevent espionage and they think that Windows 8 is not reliable against cyber-attacks.
    Source: Across Turkey

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