From the General Manager

    From the General Manager


    I always say "One must accumulate friends rather than business cards"...In years, I realized how right I was and wanted to share this with younger people so that they may prioritize better in life.

    People often go after their goals with extreme ambition and will when they are younger. They run so fast that they fail to see those around them and what they are missing. As they approach to the finish line, they most probably have forgotten who stood by them, how they progressed and even who themselves are. Friendships and relationships that are built based on the detail who is around you when you start out will always appear before you at every stage of your life. These friendly hands will lift you off the round when you fall, they will give you moral support, help you to recover and climb to the peak with you without fear.

    Human exists through human and when we have loyal friends around us we become happier and our sorrows disappear. We realize that 'friendly chats’ which are an important part of our lives become our therapy. This applies to business too. Working with professionals whom you trust and like, and who trust you and like you, and existing not only with your IQ but also EQ, enables you to achieve success. As long as the foundations of your relations with those who you leave behind and work together, and your core values are solid, and you accumulate friends instead of business cards, you will feel the irresistible lightness of being liked and remembered.

    Wishing you many good friendships where you will be remembered for your name, character, stance and for who you are, as you appreciate the value of being "a decent person" and pay the price for it.

    Best regards,
    Binnur Guleryuz Onaran
    TAV IT General Manager

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