Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

    The Flight Information Display System is designed to provide airport management with automated control to distribute and display real-time flight information to passengers and airport operational staff.

    TAV IT FIDS Not Only Ensures the Distribution Of Flight Information On A Variety Of Public And Staff Display Devices, italso provides the capability to display advertisements, media and real-time weather forecast data on corresponding display devices along with flight data.

    The advanced, Rich And Accurate Features Of FIDS make it Multilingual As well as Multiınational.

    TAV IT FIDS supports various language options; both on user interface and display devices, including English, Cyrillic, Georgian, Turkish, Arabic, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Hindi.

    It is also rich at internet applications

    The TAV IT FIDS application feels and acts more like desktop applications than traditional HTML-based applications.

    • Interactions and updates do not cause entire pages to refresh, improving user experience, CPU and network performance.
    • A wide range of user interface components and expressive features such as transitions and animations help users understand data and application flow.
    • Support for real-time data streams provide instant updates without manual user intervention or expensive page reloads.
    • Support for rich media, allows a more lively and compelling user experience.


    TAV IT FIDS is a platform agnostic application and can work with any database and operating system.

    A Hallmark & Literally Smart

    Active Flight Management is the hallmark of TAV IT FIDS. The module was designed keeping the daily requirements of operational staff in mind.

    Absolute User - Friendly

    As a leading FIDS product, Content Management module lets users to easily implement and convert their conceptual designs into actual ones.

    A Real Revenue Generator

    The Advertising Management module displays all media formats including images, animation, and video clips. The playlist feature allows the play of media files according to play order, play time frame, play count etc.

    Seamless Integration

    • The Telephone Inquiry System enables users to access flight information on the phone.
    • The Public Announcement System provides passengers very clear information on the flights throughout the terminal building.
    • The Flight Reporter sends flight updates to your mobile phone as SMS messages.

    Chameleon For Display Devices

    Sophisticated Display Device Management enhances the product to support the entire spectrum of display devices; CRT monitors, LCD flat panels, Plasma displays, LED Boards.

    • Devices can be designated by device type, resource device group or terminal zones.
    • The Device Set feature enables operators to designate multiple public monitors as a set that displays flight list that exceeds a one-monitor view.
    • Multiple pages can be displayed on a single public monitor through automatic paging.
    • Device monitoring and management functionality are robust and interactive.
    • Flexible rule engine.
    • Alternative data entry through CUTE workstations.
    • Elimination of shadow effects by utilizing intelligent display techniques.
    • Visual paging.
    • Easy installation and mature deployment techniques that guarantee no work interruption.
    • Distribution of real-time flight information to external areas including hotels and travel agencies.

    TAV IT FIDS offers the best possible solution for all airports of every size. The product has redefined the “FIDS concept,” exceeding the standard expectations.

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