The system was designed to dramatically increase the level of service and enable airport operators and authorities to manage immobile resources throughout the airport.

    The result of a long term academic collaboration which makes use of extensive mathematical modeling and optimization algorithms. Soon the catchphrase "optimization of resources" will be on everyone’s lips. It will not only increase the productivity of resource use for airport operators but will also make it possible to work in a collaborative environment with other parties in the airport.

    RMS is composed of the following modules, that are ready to be installed both complete and on a modular basis:

    • Gate & Stand Management System
    • Check-in Desk Management System
    • Baggage Belt Management System
    • Chute Management System


    • Advanced conflict management and intelligent resource adjustment
    • Real-time automated scheduling, decreases operational errors dramatically
    • Intelligent rule-based conflict management and error handling capabilities
    • Optimization capabilities
    • Custom modeling
    • Easily adaptable resource profile constraint definition
    • Easy to understand graphic interface
    • Customizable reporting capabilities
    • Easy integration with existing or legacy systems with its open architecture
    • Increases level of services throughout the airport
    • Airport and airline specific rule management capabilities
    • Multiple airport resource management
    • Enormous value gained by management utilizing decision support capabilities for obtaining information
    • Substantial reduction in operational costs
    • Increasing productivity in operation planning and higher passenger and airline satisfaction

    The key benefit is that all parties will share common data when making use of this platform and operate as members of a collective network.

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