Information Security Policy

    Our senior management is committed to undertake the following;

    To reflect the importance placed on information security by the management, to give an overview of politics and instructions in detail,

    To ensure that users are aware of TAV IT information security policy and describe duties and responsibilities of the users,

    To define the general viewpoint regarding the protection of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data owned by TAV IT at the required level,

    To minimize the legal risks that may arise from security breaches,

    To ensure compatibility of the contracts of third parties with information security policies of TAV IT,

    To ensure continuity of basic and supportive business activities of the corporation with minimal interruption rations,

    To define TAV IT legal responsibilities, protect the reputation and credibility of the image of the company.

    Online Support X

    "Live Meeting is a technology that allows you to hold meetings without travelling, through different meetings, with audiovisual support, sharing the common presentations and files for efficient interactive meetings and training courses. It saves time. Furthermore, it offers advantages in terms of costs such as the travel and accommodation expenses of the employees attending meetings."